Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

KG Smith & Son would like to inform customers that we are taking COVID-19 very seriously and have amended our processes to ensure they’re in line with government advice.  COVID-19 STATEMENT: We are still taking orders for our full range of coals, gas and solid fuels, while continuing to work within the government guidelines to […]

New Restrictions for Wood Burners and Open Fires

As part of the government’s Clean Air Strategy 2019, roughly 1.5 million households using wood burners or open fires could face strict regulation in a bid to improve plummeting air quality across the UK. The strategy aims to reduce particulates across the country by 2030, and the use of wood burners and open fires — […]

Should I Use Bituminous Coal or Anthracite Coal for My Open Fireplace?

Finding the right solid fuel source for your open fire is the missing piece of the puzzle. You want to be able to enjoy your fireplace to the maximum, and your choice of fuel has a huge impact on the performance of your open fire. Coal is the go-to solid fuel for most domestic fireplaces, […]

What Are the Advantages of Coal?

Coal, with its ubiquitous supply, has been one of the most reliable and important sources of fuel across the UK for many years. Its use as a primary energy source has come under national and international debate in recent years, but while some call for coal to be left behind, coal still has a number […]