The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Charcoal for Your Restaurant

Providing the kind of food your customers want to eat and that will keep them coming back time and time again isn’t just about getting the right ingredients cooked by a great chef with a creative mind and an organised approach to their work.

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In many cases, the taste of the food can be significantly enhanced by using the right fuel and that’s never more the case than with charcoal.

Getting the right charcoal at the right price is therefore an important part of the process if you want to achieve that smoky barbecue flavour people love. Achieving all that can make your restaurant both popular with your customers and a financial success. 

Read on to discover just some of the benefits your restaurant can enjoy by buying your charcoal wholesale from a reliable and reputable supplier.

Cost efficiency

Bulk buying your charcoal means that you’ll get a far better price from your supplier than if you were buying in small quantities from a number of different outlets. In a highly competitive market and at a time when we’re all tightening our belts to deal with the cost of living crisis, that can give you the edge when it comes to offering great tasting food at an affordable price.

Consistent quality

Using the same supplier for your charcoal also means that you will have the confidence of knowing that you’ll get consistently high-quality charcoal. The last thing you want is a nasty surprise that might result from having to use a different brand that you’re not sure will do the job.

Bulk availability and supply chain management

If you’re regularly buying large quantities of charcoal from the same supplier, you should be able to establish a good working relationship that is mutually beneficial. While you’ll be a good and steady customer for them, it will help you with running an efficient and cost effective supply chain that will ensure you’re likely to be able to source the right quantities of coal at the right price and delivered exactly when you need them.

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Buying anything in large quantities and reducing the number of required deliveries is a good thing for the environment, with transport being one of the major contributors to the greenhouse gases driving climate change. And with our charcoal being smokeless and safe to use anywhere, you can create amazing food safely and sustainably every time. 

For wholesale, restaurant-grade charcoal at unbeatable prices, you can’t do better than talk to the experts at KG Smith. With over 70 years of experience in the industry to call on, access to some of the finest cooking charcoal you’re likely to find in the UK, plus fast delivery and exceptional customer service assured every time you order, there’s no better supplier in the business.

Get in touch with us to discover more about buying wholesale cooking charcoal from KG Smith & Son, or place your order online now.



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