Securing Your Home Fuel Supply Before the Freeze

Securing Your Home Fuel Supply Before the Freeze

What this winter will bring in terms of the weather is yet to be seen, but still several things are certain: that you’ll be needing your heating for much of it, that temperatures can change very quickly and that it’s always best to be prepared for the worst.

For that reason, perhaps it’s time you gave some thought to getting in the fuel you need to keep you warm this winter. Whether your heating totally relies on solid fuel or you just use it to provide a boost when it gets especially cold, it’s the sort of thing to have in and not need rather than the other way around. And, let’s face it, even if we do get an exceptionally mild winter, one of the many good things about solid fuel is that it doesn’t go off!

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Given all that, let’s take a look at a few of the main reasons why it’s best to make sure you have the fuel you’ll be needing this winter now, rather than waiting until it could be too late.

Beat the winter rush

Traditionally, the first cold spell of the season prompts those who use solid fuels to rush out and stock up. Getting your own fuel in early gives you the best chance of getting the quantities and types of fuel you need to see you through till the temperature starts to pick up again in the spring.

And doing that means you could end up saving quite a lot of money, because you can take advantage of lower unit costs when you buy in large quantities, or you could even get it all delivered for free. Here at KG Smith & Son, we offer price breaks on our smokeless coals at 20 and 40 bags, while you can also benefit from free delivery across the UK on quantities of 20 bags and more.

Be prepared for a sudden drop in temperatures

The weather forecasts are probably more accurate than ever, but even so, things can change quickly. On 15 October 2023, Sky News reported that following temperatures as high as about 25° Celsius the previous week, nighttime frosts were likely to be seen across the country in the coming days. No doubt, many people were unprepared for such a sudden change in the weather.

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If you’re not ready for a sudden onset of cold winter weather, you might find yourself having to freeze it out for a few days before you’re able to get the fuel you need to make your home comfortable.

Do you have enough fuel for a prolonged cold snap?

Even if you do have enough fuel to deal with a short, sharp frost, what would you do if we were to see a prolonged spell of snowy weather? Not only are you likely to need considerably more fuel than might normally be the case, but snowy and icy roads might make it treacherous or even dangerous to go out in search of more. That would especially be the case if your home is in a remote area where gritter trucks are rarely – if ever – seen.

If you have the space to stock as much of the winter fuel you’re likely to need, then it makes sense to get it in while you can, while also taking advantage of the sort of discounts that buying in bulk can often bring.

Here at KG Smith & Son, we’re leading suppliers of a wide range of winter fuels to homes and businesses across the UK. From smokeless coals and heat logs to smokeless boiler fuel and wood briquettes, we offer great prices with free and fast delivery also available right across the UK.

Get in touch with us for more details or place your order online now.



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