Why Newheat Briquettes Are the Future of Home Heating

Why Newheat Briquettes Are the Future of Home Heating

With traditional house coal now no longer allowed to be sold for heating our homes due to the environmental issues that come with it, many people are still searching for their ideal replacement.

In this article, we’re going to make the case for Newheat Briquettes and explain why you should be thinking about using them to keep you and your home warm this winter.

Environmentally-friendly fuel

If traditional house coal has been banned because it’s bad for the environment, then it follows that anything that is intended to replace it should be as eco-friendly as possible – and in this respect, Newheat smokeless briquettes more than do the job. They are much less damaging to the planet than traditional house coal, and are perfectly safe to use in smoke controlled areas.

Less smoke, less ash

The fact that Newheat Briquettes are smokeless isn’t just of benefit to the planet, it’s also good news for your appliances, your flue and your chimney. We’ve written about ways to protect your chimney in this previous article, and using a good quality smokeless coal is one of the basic starting points. And as they produce considerably less ash as well, you’ll be spending less of your time cleaning up and more time enjoying the warmth Newheat Briquettes are bringing to your home.

More, longer-lasting heat

Instead of giving out those damaging emissions, Newheat Briquettes concentrate on pushing out what we really want from our home heating material – heat! They burn noticeably hotter than traditional house coal, while the high carbon content means that they burn for longer than house coal as well, so when you use them, you’re winning on both counts.

Newheat Briquettes

Multi-functional fuel

Although they were originally designed for use only in closed appliances, you’ll find that Newheat Briquettes are just as effective whether you’re using them on an open fire or in a multi-fuel stove. 

Great value

When you first buy your Newheat Briquettes, you’ll be impressed at how affordable they are as a home heating option. But once you start to use them, you’ll discover something else. Remember how we said that they burn hotter and for longer than house coal? Well, as a result, you’ll use considerably less Newheat than house coal to heat your home, meaning that they work out even cheaper. 


Here at KG Smith & Son, we’re proud to be a leading supplier of Newheat Briquettes and other smokeless coals to customers across the UK, with fast and free delivery always available.

Find out more about Newheat Briquettes and our smokeless fuel packages by getting in touch with us today, or prepare for winter by booking your home fuel delivery online now.



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