UK Fuel Prices 2019

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If you are interested in living a cost efficient lifestyle, then it is a good idea to keep up-to-date with the current UK fuel prices to ensure you are choosing the most economical fuel possible. A large proportion of domestic energy costs are created by heating your house, be it by electricity, gas or firewood. So we have gathered the information and statistics below to assist you with picking the best heating method for your home. 


Domestic fuel prices

It is impossible for us to figure out exactly what your domestic energy costs will be because every person’s circumstances are different. We would have to include personal factors such as housing types into our calculations, and this isn’t practical. This is why in the table below there are only average prices for each major type of fuel, to give you a general idea of which would be the right choice for you.                                       

Annual prices

Every year fuel prices and the carbon dioxide emissions associated with them change, and so this affects the amount you save when trying to be energy efficient. Houses are becoming more energy efficient each year, as the population becomes more interested in being environmentally friendly. Even though the rate of change has slowed down in recent years, there is more of a variety of options now and so it is easier to save on fuel than it was in the past.


Fuel prices:

Fuel prices Coal/solid fuel LPG Oil Wood briquettes
Average price (pence/kWh) 4.00 6.86 5.24 6.45
Standing charge (£/year) N/A N/A N/A N/A
Carbon dioxide factor (kgC02/kWh) 0.315 0.214 0.245 0.000
Fuel prices Gas Electricity (off-peak) Electricity (on-peak) Electricity (standard)
Average price (pence/kWh) 3.74 9.10 19.00 15.75
Standing charge (£/year) 85.53 82.25 N/A 77.02
Carbon dioxide factor (kgC02/kWh) 0.184 0.305 0.305 0.305


Our heating solutions:

From the results in this table it is easy to see the most cost saving fuel options are gas, coal, oil and wood briquettes. The most carbon efficient fuel by far is wood briquettes as they produce no carbon dioxide at all. Wood briquettes heat your house in a clean, eco-friendly way, and they are easy to light and burn for longer. If you are passionate about environmental issues and need to save on heating costs then they are a great choice. Another option for heating your house is smokeless boiler fuels, which can be used with multi-fuel stoves, boilers and room heaters. These are also eco-friendly fuel choices, although not as cheap as some other fuels, they burn for a long time and can save you money in the long run. 

Smokeless Fuel Package - 165

According to the statistics coal is one of the cheapest fuel options but is also the one that produces the most carbon dioxide. Our solution to this issue is a revolutionary new product called smokeless coal, which produces 25% less carbon dioxide than regular coal and is produced from 30% renewable materials. So even if you cannot afford wood briquettes or smokeless boiler fuels, you can heat your home without having as much of a negative impact. 


Everyone needs a cost efficient, warm and comfortable home, and it is ideal if you can achieve this while also having less of an effect on the planet. If you are interested in learning more about wood briquettes, smokeless boiler fuel or smokeless coal, then KG Smith & Son are the best choice. We are the leading coal merchant in Northampton and the surrounding areas, so why don’t you contact us today



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