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Smokeless Boiler Fuels

At KG Smith & Son (Coal Merchants UK), we are proud to stock a range of smokeless fuels from the market leaders, ensuring that we can provide all of our customers with the most efficient fuels for the best value for money.

If you would like to know more about our smokeless boiler fuels or anything else that we offer, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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Including the South Midlands,Bucks, Beds, Herts, Oxford, London & Home Counties

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Avaliable From 1 Bag to 1 Ton

Our Products

Taybrite smokeless fuel at KG Smith & Son (Coal Merchants UK)


One of the more well-known names in smokeless fuel, Taybrite is an efficient multi-use fuel that offers excellent performance and value for money. Taybrite works perfectly as smokeless coal for boilers, room heaters or multi-fuel stoves - its lengthy burn time means that you won’t need to constantly relight it, saving money.

As it is made of anthracite, Taybrite generates minimal ash, making it very easy to clean up after you have used it. Combining efficiency, value for money, low environmental impact and longevity, Taybrite is the perfect choice for your boiler or your multi-fuel stove.

Suitable For

Closed Appliances/Stoves

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Phuancite smokeless boiler fuel at KG Smith & Son (Coal Merchants UK)


Long-regarded as the market leader in the smokeless fuel industry, Phurnacite is an anthracite-based fuel that provides excellent heat output, coupled with superior efficiency and a slow burn. The compact briquettes can be ‘banked’, meaning that the heat can be spread throughout the day - up to 18 hours.

Although it doesn’t enjoy the minimal ash output as Taybrite, it is still a very environmentally friendly and consistent smokeless fuel. It is perfect for most modern central heating systems, so you don’t have to worry about it working with your new boiler, just let it do the work.

Suitable For

Closed Appliances/Stoves

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