Are Coal Merchants Open During Lockdown?

There are not many industries that haven’t been touched in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Coal merchants are no different, with businesses across the country having to adapt operations to abide by lockdown restrictions.  

Here at KG Smith & Sons, our team understands the importance of keeping everyone safe by following the COVID-19 regulations and this article will outline what we’re doing to protect our staff and customers.   


How has the lockdown affected coal merchants?

The numerous lockdowns throughout 2020 and 2021 have caused problems for coal merchants in the UK.

But, while premises have had to adapt, most in the industry have been able to continue their delivery services. 

This is the case at KG Smith & Sons, where we’ve altered our practices to ensure we’re following the government’s guidelines. 

Since the first lockdown back in March 2020, we’ve ensured that our delivery service has been completely contactless. All orders are placed over the phone with instructions for delivery or collection made clear to ensure a seamless process takes place. All quotes and relevant information will then be emailed to you for review.    

When we’re en route with your order, a member of our team will give you a ring to check where on your property you’d like us to put your fuel. All our staff members understand the importance of being COVID compliant when arriving at your property. They will wear gloves, facemasks or visors and regularly sanitise their hands.   


What fuel should I buy? 

Here at KG Smith & Sons, we’re proud to be the leading supplier of coal, smokeless fuels and firewood throughout London, Northampton and Coventry. 

All of these fuels come with various advantages and disadvantages. Read on to discover what fuel will be best for you.


Advantages of coal



The main advantages of coal are:

  • The UK has a vast supply that shows no signs of running out
  • It’s extremely reliable 
  • You can store it almost anywhere
  • Coal is more effective than other fuel sources, keeping rooms heated for longer than alternatives 


 Advantages of smokeless fuels 


smokeless fuels

The main advantages of smokeless fuels are:

  • You can use them in London where the Clean Air Strategy is in place (a scheme that looks to reduce air pollution in the capital)
  • Can burn up to 40% longer than other fuels
  • Produces less ash, making cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Made from anthracite which produces carbon, meaning it uses safer materials and produces a smokeless burn 


Advantages of firewood 


The main advantages of firewood are:

  • The most cost-effective form of fuel which can lower your heating bills
  • Is carbon neutral, meaning it is better for the environment 
  • Extremely reliable 
  • Always have a source of heat even if there is an energy outage in your area 

If you’re on the lookout for long-lasting coal that also provides a high heat output and low amount of ash, then we recommend Oxbow’s Excel briquettes. Classified as a smokeless fuel, this classic product is particularly popular among the boating community and its versatility has seen it become multi-purpose with many people using it for stoves, fireplaces and appliances. 

For more information on the wide range of products that we offer at KG Smith & Sons, contact a member of our team.    



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