The advantages of smokeless fuel for homeowners in London

A row of houses situated in London

Smokeless fuels are becoming increasingly popular due to the rise in environmental awareness and the enforcement of strategies, such as the Clean Air Strategy, to combat climate change. Once upon a time, London was nicknamed ‘The Big Smoke’ because of the dense fogs that descended over the city, including the recent Great Smog of London in 1952 – which blanketed the city for an entire five days due to air pollution! Now, thankfully, we’re able to consider our fuel options and lessen the impact we have on the planet with the help of smokeless fuels.

This month, KG Smith and Sons will be exploring the advantages of smokeless fuels, read on to know more!

What are smokeless fuels made from?

Smokeless fuels are typically made from anthracite which is ground down into a powder and reshaped into briquettes using starch or molasses to combine.

The advantages of smokeless fuels:

  • Smokeless fuels are made from anthracite. This material has an extremely high carbon content which can be as high as 98%! The higher the carbon content, the less volatile materials it contains, resulting in a smokeless burn. 
  • Anthracite burns with optimal efficiency, providing one third more heat than house coal.
  • Smokeless fuel produces less ash, which means less grate cleaning and maintenance.
  • Smokeless fuels can burn up to 40% longer than other fuels.
  • Smokeless fuels produce impressive growing and dancing flames.
  • Smokeless fuels burn hotter for longer which means you don’t need to refuel as often. 
  • Smokeless fuels are cost-effective.

What is the Clean Air Strategy?
Suggested by the name of the strategy, the Clean Air Strategy has set out a plan for London and its residents to follow to help reduce all sources of air pollution. The plan’s goal is to make the air healthier to breathe, to improve nature and to boost the economy too. 

To conform to the Clean Air Strategy, Londoners must only burn smokeless fuels that produce less than 5g of smoke per hour when burning. By following these rules, fewer emissions will be released, which could mean a reduction of 20% less carbon dioxide.

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