Top 7 Ideas For Using Railway Sleepers In Your Garden

Top 7 Ideas For Using Railway Sleepers In Your Garden

Railway sleepers – originally used as supports for rail tracks – have become one of the most sought after features in gardens across the UK. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise, because used with care they can add considerable rustic charm to just about any outside space.

Not only that, they are also incredibly versatile and are likely to last years without any signs of degradation. They are the perfect choice for so many garden projects that if you like the idea of them in your own garden, it’s hard to know what to do with them first!

However, if you are in need of some inspiration, here are our top seven ideas for using railway sleepers in your garden:  

Raised beds

Raised beds offer a number of advantages over traditional beds and borders, including better drainage, improved soil quality, less soil compaction, warmer soil, ease of access and simpler weed control. Build your raised beds using railway sleepers and they will also have considerably greater aesthetic appeal! 


The shape and size of a railway sleeper makes it perfect to be used as a step. If you have a sloping garden, you can create a stunning journey from one level to the next by digging a series of sleepers into the slope to create beautiful steps that will make for an awesome feature that will last for years. Just be sure to give them a solid base if you want them to stay in place. 


Lay a series of railway sleepers on their sides with a regular space between each one and dig them into the ground like stepping stones. You can then fill the spaces between them with a decorative aggregate of your choice to create an attractive path that can provide considerable shape and style to your outside space.


Railway sleepers can be used for a number of outside furniture projects, and in the same way that their shape makes their use as garden steps relatively straightforward, the same can be said for their use as seating. Whether you’re using them to build a sturdy stand-alone bench or incorporating them as part of a raised bed or garden wall, sleepers can make for a fantastic place to sit in any garden.

Picnic table

Once you’ve worked out how to turn your railway sleepers into a bench or built-in seating, why not complete the look with a matching table? It doesn’t have to be complicated – just lay three sleepers together to make the table top, then cut a fourth in half and use the halves as legs. Then sand the surface for a smoother finish and you’ve got the ideal place for al fresco drinking and dining!


Create clear zones in your garden by using your railway sleepers as rustic edging, but bear in mind that this won’t work if your beds and borders are all curves and bends. However, if your garden is made up of straight edges, this is one of the most straightforward of our suggestions to complete, yet is still bound to impress your family and friends when they come to visit.

Retaining walls

The size and weight of railway sleepers means that they don’t just provide an attractive means of supporting raised soil to create a garden with levels, they’re also a very sturdy and effective choice. Despite that weight, you’ll still need to make sure that they’ve been securely anchored in place if you want your walls to last for a really long time.


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