The Roles of the Traditional Home Fuel Supplier

The Roles of the Traditional Home Fuel Supplier

Home heating is an increasingly complicated matter these days. There are more and more regulations in place limiting the kinds of fuel you’re allowed to burn, while traditional gas boilers and electric heating solutions are becoming prohibitively expensive to run for many people.

If you want to make the most of the more cost-effective potential of heat sources such as multi-fuel stoves and open fires (which allow you to heat just the room you’re in rather than the whole house), you may need help finding your way through the myriad options available so that you stay both warm and within the law.

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This is where a good home fuel supplier like KG Smith & Son comes in!

This month, we’re examining the role of home fuel suppliers to find out how they both save you money and provide an essential service. 

Guarantee of quality

Every manufacturer and supplier will talk up the benefits of their own particular products, but can you really rely on what they say? We’ve all read claims about products that have not lived up to reality when put to the test. 

Because we get the fuels we sell from a number of different sources, we can make sure that those we supply meet a level of quality we know our customers will appreciate. When we say that a particular solid fuel performs in a certain way, we know that it’s true because we’ve checked it out for ourselves!

Expert advice

At KG Smith & Son, we’re not just experts in the different types of fuels we sell – we also know quite a bit about what you burn them in or on. So, whether you’re looking for fuel for your multi-fuel stove, a log burner, an open fire or a boiler, we’ll be able to provide reliable, independent advice as to the best fuel for your purposes.

With everything on offer from smokeless coal and anthracite to eco-friendly wood briquettes and kiln-dried firewood, we’re sure to have the right kind of fuel to provide the right kind of heat in your home!

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Sustainable solutions

As we rightly take greater care about what we burn and what goes into the atmosphere as a result, it’s important that you use fuel that meets all current clean air legislation. 

All the fuels we sell meet strict environmental guidelines, which means that you have the confidence that when you burn them you won’t be doing any damage to either the planet or your chimney. Read our previous blog to discover some of the items you should never burn on your multi-fuel stove.

But the sustainable story doesn’t end with burning clean fuel. Our wood briquettes and heat logs don’t just provide reliable and consistent heat, they are also made from 100% recycled wood waste. That means they are using waste material that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

Storage and delivery

There’s no escaping the fact that many of the fuels that we use to heat our homes can be bulky to store – and if you haven’t got room to fit them indoors, you run the risk of them getting wet and unusable if you have to leave them outside.

At KG Smith & Son, we can deliver as much as you need and have the space to store at a time that suits you. With rapid delivery as standard, and with our emergency delivery service also available, we provide the means for you to ensure you never need run out of fuel.

Whatever your solid fuel requirements, you can count on the team at KG Smith & Son to provide your ideal solution at a competitive price. With great deals on winter fuel and smokeless fuel packages, plus expert advice, fast delivery and the best customer service in the business, you’ve got the perfect partner to help you navigate the modern world of home heating.

Get in touch with our team to discover more or you can place your order online now. 



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