The benefits of wood chip mulch

Wood Chip Mulch at KG Smith & Son (Coal Merchants UK)

Adding bark or wood chips has been a popular thing to do in gardens up and down the country for a number of years. And while you may be aware of some of the benefits of doing it, there may also be a few you haven’t thought of, and you may well be surprised to discover how it can save you time, money and effort! 

So, here’s our guide to everything you need to know about wood chip mulch and why it’s one of those gardening ideas that you should be making a key part of your landscaping strategy.


Weed suppression

Perhaps the main reason many people decide to spread wood chip onto their flower beds is that it’s a great way of keeping those pesky weeds at bay. Because it stops light and oxygen getting through to your soil, there’s nothing for the weeds to feed off. That not only ensures that you’re always only enjoying the plants you actively want to see, but that you’re saving a lot of time and effort having to do any weeding in the process!


Decorative appearance

If you’re going to cover your flower beds with something that’s stopping the weeds from growing, you might as well make it something that looks good at the same time. The natural look and colours of the bark are going to enhance the appeal of your plants and can add a fantastic decorative finish to any garden.


Extends plant life

If the labour-saving benefits of weed suppression weren’t enough, using wood chip on your beds can also extend the life of your plants growing there. That’s because it plays a key part in regulating the soil temperature and protecting the plants against the extremes of the weather.


Cuts water usage

Using wood chip mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil beneath – the simple benefit to that is that you have to water your plants a lot less. With most homes these days using water meters to measure their usage and be charged accordingly, that could mean reduced bills into the bargain!


Flood control

If your garden is prone to flash flooding during the kind of storms that follow a long, dry and hot spell, having wood chip will slow the movement of the water and allow it to soak into the soil. That will naturally be good for the plants growing there but, as the water would otherwise be washing the top layers of your soil away, there’s also the extra benefit of maintaining a healthy bed.


Growing mushrooms

Many fungi thrive in moist wood chip, and some of those are edible – although it goes without saying that you need to be very certain that they are edible before trying to consume them. Oyster and red wine caps are among the edible varieties that are likely to grow well in wood chip. If you’re thinking of giving it a go, do careful research first, but success usually depends on keeping the mulch nice and moist, the ideal environment for them to flourish!


KG Smith & Sons (Coal Merchants UK) has wood chip mulch available to collect or for home delivery in a range of sizes from one bag to one ton – making it the ideal place to buy it, no matter how much you need. Call us today on 0808 164 1079 or fill in our handy contact form for free rapid delivery wherever you are in the country.



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