Solid Fuel Storage: How to Store Coal and Firewood at Home

In order to keep your woodburner or multi-fuel stove reliably fueled at all times, you’ll need somewhere to store all that coal or firewood. Solid fuel fireplaces add a huge amount of character to any home, but where do you store all that fuel? And how do you keep it in good condition?

In this article, we’re looking at solid fuel storage – one of the most important facets of owning a solid fuel fireplace.

Store coal at home

Where you decide to store your coal will largely depend on how much space you have, whether it’s inside or outside.

For outside storage, the important thing to remember is to keep your coal covered and protected so that it stays dry. One of the best coal storage solutions is a dedicated coal bunker. Bunkers have plenty of storage space and are easy to use, with a bottom panel to allow quick and convenient shovel access to your coal.

A coal bunker fits in nicely around the back or side of the property, holding large quantities of coal without any disruption to the look of your garden.

You can also store coal in a dustbin or even a wheelie bin. While neither of these will be able to store as much coal as a bunker, they can prove to be an incredibly convenient solution – especially if you have an old bin or two around the house.

The other option is keeping your coal deposited in a pile. This can be messy, but if you don’t mind the look of loose, piled coal, then you’ll find it very easy to manage. Just make sure not to make the pile too high, and try to keep it covered as much as you can.

illustration of coal being stored outside

Store coal inside

If you don’t have the space outside, or if you want easy access to small amounts of coal, you can easily store coal inside the house, too.

The best option would be keeping coal in a basement or separate storage room. Not everyone has that much space inside, however, so a chest or coal bin might be a better option.

You can also use smaller coal buckets – or even plastic tubs – to store more manageable amounts of loose coal indoors, close by to the fireplace, for instance.

illustration of coal being stored inside

Storing firewood at home

Firewood requires a bit more care when it comes to storage. Wood can decay, rot and become infested with pests, so keep logs away from areas of high moisture.

If you store wood outdoors, logs will need to be fully covered and kept away from soil. Harder surfaces such as concrete are ideal, but you can also raise the logs off the ground on a platform to avoid direct contact with soil or grass.

Logs should be stacked, not piled, and cut to short lengths so they are easy to transport. If you can fit an easily-accessible woodshed outside, you’ll be able to store your firewood safely and securely without affecting the external appearance of your home.

illustration storing firewood at home outside

Solid fuel suppliers

Whether you need house coal or firewood, a reputable supplier will be able to provide high quality fuel when you need it. Coal Merchants UK deliver coal and firewood directly to your storage space, and our experts are happy to offer all the advice and assistance you need when deciding the most suitable storage solutions for your fuel.

With house coal delivery services available six days a week throughout Northampton, CambridgeLondon and nationwideCoal Merchants UK can keep your home warm throughout the year. We pride ourselves on customer service, delivering your fuel directly to your bunker, shed, basement or garageand we also provide next day and emergency delivery if necessary. To find out more about our services, dont hesitate to get in touch with us today.



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