Smokeless Fuel Packages: Clean Alternative to Traditional Fuels

Smokeless Fuel Packages: Clean Alternative to Traditional Fuels

As we learn more about how what we do affects our immediate environment, it’s important that we each take more responsibility for how we live our lives. One way we can make a difference is by taking more care over the fuels that we use to heat our homes, and these days there is a wide range of clean and smokeless alternatives available that we can use.

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and make sure that the fuels you burn in your home fire or multi-fuel stove aren’t adding to the damage being done to the environment, it’s about time you checked out how KG Smith & Son can help you make a change for the better. 

And what’s more, we can also help you cut your heating costs, because the really good news is that clean fuel is also cost-effective fuel!

Smokeless fuel packages from KG Smith & Son

Here at KG Smith & Son, our range of smokeless fuel packages is bringing environmentally-friendly heating solutions to homes and businesses right across the country. From smokeless coals and boiler fuel to wood briquettes, heat logs and kiln-dried firewood, our domestic heating fuels have been chosen for both their superb qualities as a fuel – in that they do the job of warming your home quickly and effectively – and the fact that they meet all the clean air requirements as they do it. 

Some of our clean fuels go even further when it comes to their environmental credentials – our wood briquettes are manufactured from industrial waste in the form of wooden by-products. That means they’re helping to save the planet even before they’re being made, as they are preventing new trees from being cut down.

When you burn fuels that do give off emissions – whether it’s traditional house coal or logs that haven’t been properly dried before use, not only are you putting unwanted and damaging emissions into the general air, you’re also clogging up your chimney with creosote that can lead to the potential for dangerous fires. 

Of course, for many homes, burning traditional fuels should no longer be possible anyway. Ever since London’s Great Smog of 1952, in which daytime visibility was reduced to barely a metre and thousands of people died from respiratory issues, various ‘clean air’ acts have been introduced to reduce the pollution we put into our environment by burning fossil fuels, including traditional house coal. 

Eco-friendly and cost-effective heating solutions

If all those environmental benefits weren’t enough, our smokeless fuels can also save you money. They burn longer and hotter than more traditional fuels, so you’ll always get better value out of them. And if you want to put value on your time, you’ll be saving even more, because you’ll be spending less of it lighting and topping up your fire than you would be using certain other fuels.

And when we were talking earlier about how using clean fuels means that you won’t clog up your flue and chimney with emissions? That also means you won’t have to pay anyone to come and clean them nearly as often as you would otherwise have to do. 

Last, but not least, we offer exceptional value on all our clean fuels. Our Smokeless Economy Package contains everything you’ll need for an environmentally-friendly fire at an economically-friendly price, with further bargains to be had with our Smokeless Fuel Packages. Order enough and you’ll even qualify for free delivery!


If you want to find out more about smokeless fuel from KG Smith & Son, you can call our friendly team at any time for advice and information to help you make the switch. If you already know which smokeless fuels would work best in your home, then you can place your order online now, or contact us today.



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