Marquee Hire: Top tips for weddings

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Many wedding plans have taken a bit of a pounding during the course of the coronavirus pandemic. Some have been postponed until things get back to some kind of normality, while others have gone ahead but have had to be scaled down in terms of extravagance and numbers of guests. And those that have managed to go ahead have probably had to settle for far less exotic honeymoon destinations than they might otherwise have enjoyed.

With social distancing rules, plus the fact that venues have been forced to close for large chunks of the last 18 months, many of those that have managed to get married have discovered the benefits of hiring a marquee. And with many venues fully booked up as couples who did postpone finally get their big day sorted, it looks like marquee hire will continue to be a necessity for many couples for at least the foreseeable future.

But you don’t need to be looking at marquee hire as a choice of last resort, because it actually has many advantages over other venues. So let’s take a look at some reasons why your wedding might be more magical in a marquee.



One of the great advantages of hiring a marquee is that you have so much more flexibility. Firstly, there’s a wide range of sizes available, so – within reason – you should be able to have one as big or small as you like. You might even be able to make a late change if you end up having more or fewer guests than you had originally been expecting.

Secondly – and again, within reason – you can put it up wherever you like. So, if someone you know has a large garden or you have access to some other suitable space, you might be able to use that. That in turn might free up a few pennies from your budget to make more of a splash on the internal decoration. Because with a marquee, you have a blank canvas when it comes to getting the look you want.

You don’t usually get that kind of freedom or flexibility with a traditional venue.


Ideal for all weathers

The great uncertainty surrounding any wedding at any time of year is, of course, the weather. If you’re planning an outdoor event, then you’ll be constantly fretting about whether it’s going to be raining; on the other hand, if it turns out to be a glorious day, you don’t want everyone to be cooped up indoors all day for it.

Many marquees offer the best of both worlds, in that while there will always be a covered area, they can usually have a couple of sides left open. That will give you somewhere safe and watertight to keep the food and somewhere to take shelter should the weather take a turn for the worse, but also allow you to make the most of any good weather.


More choice & better value

When you hire a venue, you’re often tied to using their catering as well. That might necessitate a bit of compromise on your part – after all, how many venues are going to be able to offer the perfect combination of ambience and your favourite food?

When you hire a marquee, however, that could also give you more freedom to choose your perfect caterers separately. Or, looking at it another way, it also gives you more opportunity to shop around and get better value than you might otherwise be able to if you’re having to buy a package.


KG Smith & Son (Coal Merchants UK) has a 6m x 6m marquee available for hire so that you can create the perfect venue, not just for weddings but for any special occasions you may have. With optional linings available, plus tables, chairs and carpets also for hire, we’ve got everything covered to make things easy for you. Contact our friendly team today to find out more about marquee hire from KG Smith & Son.



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