Are Wood Briquettes Better Than Logs?

Are Wood Briquettes Better Than Logs?

While modern smokeless coals are still a great choice for many home fires, a lot of people these days prefer to use wood for their fuel. However, even once you’ve made this choice, when you look at websites like ours, you’ll still find yourself faced with another dilemma: what is the practical difference between logs and briquettes and is one better than the other?

We’ve been singing the praises of wood briquettes recently, but how do they (figuratively) stack up against logs? (We will tackle the way the two stack up literally as well, though!)

Before we go any further, it’s important to emphasise that when talking about logs in this article, we’ll be referring to ones that have been properly dried and/or seasoned – you should never use wet logs on home fires or in multi-fuel stoves.

The benefits of wood briquettes and logs

The great news is that both briquettes and logs bring many of the same benefits to your home heating. Not only do they provide clean, smoke-free fire, but they’re easy to light and use, and represent an eco-friendly option (as long as your logs have been sourced without cutting down healthy trees that aren’t being replaced).

There are a few differences between the two, however, so here are a few things to consider when trying to decide which to go for:

Wood Briquettes

Briquettes are undoubtedly the most environmentally-friendly choice of all, because they’re made of recycled wood that has been recovered as waste material from manufacturing processes. You’ll also get more heat for your money (unless you’ve found and dried your logs yourself), although they will burn much quicker than logs. However, because of the way they are made, they will be more consistent in both the heat they give out and their shape. That last benefit – and this is where we talk about how they stack up literally! – also makes them nice and easy to store.

Placing wood briquettes on a fire


Heat Logs

For all the benefits of briquettes, for many of us there’s no finer sight, smell or even sound than real wood on a fire, and if that can be achieved in a clean and smoke-free way, then who are we to argue? Logs will also usually be cheaper than briquettes – although fans of the latter might reasonably point out that the cheaper price could well be balanced out by that greater heat you get from a briquette. Plus, as we’ve mentioned previously, your log will burn for longer than a briquette, so once your fire is alight, you can spend more time sitting back and enjoying it and less time topping it up. So, you might get a bit more heat from a briquette, but will it provide that aesthetic and sensory experience that makes burning a log such a pleasurable experience? 

Heat Logs being stored


So which is better?

It’s hard to escape the fact that if you take a cold, practical look at the two fuel choices, briquettes will usually come out on top. However, that’s to ignore the fact that they lack the romantic cachet of real wood. In the end, we find that each has its place, and that it’s often going to come down to personal preference.

Here at KG Smith & Son, we’re a leading supplier of both wood briquettes and logs to customers across the UK. With a wide choice of both available for free and fast delivery, you’re bound to find your perfect fuel, whether you’re looking for possibly the best value fuel on the market or something to warm your home, your heart and your soul.

You can always get in touch with us for expert advice on anything you want to know about our full range of briquettes, heat logs, firewood and house coal; alternatively, you can order your winter fuel delivery online now.



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