Advantages of Using a Wood Burning Stove

A modern wood burning stove is a fantastic addition to any household, not just because of the aesthetic appeal,  but also because of the advancement in energy efficiency technology and the availability of cleaner fuels.
Burning wood stove with with pile of firewood
In this article, we’re looking at the advantages of using a wood burning stove, and the different ways in which a wood burner can enhance your home and your lifestyle.

Timeless character

More so than any other heating appliance, wood burning stoves hold a strong, traditional appeal which can transform the aesthetic and style of your living room. Modern stoves are typically designed around the timeless visual style of older, classic stoves. This means anyone who appreciates this style, and enjoys the idea of the fireplace becoming the heart of the home, a wood burning stove would be the perfect choice.

In addition, stoves today are designed to work in conjunction with ultra modern décor as well as more traditional styles. So whether you live in a 19th century cottage or a brand  new build, you can find a stove to suit your style.

Cleaner fuel, cleaner technology

With so many environmental issues facing the world today, homeowners are looking for more ways to reduce their carbon footprint and live in a more environmentally friendly way. In the past, wood burning stoves were not built with eco-friendliness in mind. Now, stoves are manufactured with high efficiency as a key selling point, offering a much more energy efficient heating solution than open fires or older stoves.

Wood burner owners have much more choice when it comes to fuel, too. In addition to firewood, you also have the option of eco-friendly wood briquettes. These briquettes will burn more cleanly and reach higher temperatures than logs, and they meet their full heating potential in a quality, controlled burning environment like a wood burning stove.

Reduce your energy bills

Living sustainably is slowly becoming more feasible, and a wood burning stove is a fantastic way to stand up against energy providers and take control of your energy bills. By choosing quality firewood from a reputable, knowledgeable supplier, you can maximise your fuel efficiency and the effectiveness of your stove, while cutting the cost of fuel demands.

A properly installed and ventilated wood burning stove will allow you to heat a room for hours on end using a small amount of firewood. In turn, this will help you to cut down on your energy bills, keeping your home warm and comfortable at a smaller, more predictable cost.
KG Smith & Son - Wood Burning Stove Infographic

Reliable, effective heating

The benefits of a wood burning stove would be rendered meaningless if the stove itself wasn’t an effective source of warmth — especially in the winter. Fortunately, a modern wood burning stove provides long-lasting heat at a far superior rate than, say, an open fire.

Open fires are typically used more for decoration rather than functionality. But a professionally installed wood burning stove will keep things nice and toasty, spreading the heat evenly rather than losing most of it through the chimney.

Smoke control zone? No problem

If you live in a smoke control zone — or in any dense urban area — you might think that a wood burning stove will only add to air pollution rates. However, there are a number of DEFRA-approved wood burning stoves you can choose from to ensure that you’re heating your home without sacrificing air quality.

Modern stoves can offer high levels of efficiency, typically around 80-85% efficiency. Combine this with an eco-friendly fuel source such as wood briquettes, and you have an effective source of heat without worrying about your environmental impact.

If youre new to wood burner ownership and need a reliable supply of quality firewood, KG Smith & Son are here to help. We provide direct delivery of wood briquettes and kiln dried ash, beech and oak firewood to customers across the UK, and our friendly team are here to advise on the best fuel solution for your needs. To find out morecontact us today.



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