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Coal Merchants in Enfield

If you’re looking for a high quality supply of long burning, environmentally-friendly, bright burning fire fuel, then KG Smith & Son has you covered. Spanning the Enfield area, our diverse range of coal and solid fuels have been meticulously engineered by a team of experts to deliver only the best results in fuel ignition. We offer a huge selection of products, from our range of house coals to our innovative smokeless coal range. We have coal for every occasion and our knowledgeable team are happy to advise which product is best for you.

Smokeless Coal in Enfield

KG Smith & Son, also known as Coal Merchants UK, is the top provider of smokeless coal throughout the Enfield area. Our smokeless coal range is comprised of various products, all possessing the same high carbon and low volatile material content that allows it to burn sensationally long and bright without imparting thick smoke. This means you can enjoy the beautiful fires our smokeless coal produces, without having to worry about the buildup of smoke in confined areas. Our smokeless coal, along with our house coal range, are available for emergency next day delivery, ensuring we’re there with your fuel as soon as soon as you need it.

At Coal Merchants UK, we pride ourselves on our quality products and efficiency of service. If you wish to receive more information, please get in touch with our team.

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