UK Fuel Prices 2019

If you are interested in living a cost efficient lifestyle, then it is a good idea to keep up-to-date with the current UK fuel prices to ensure you are choosing the most economical fuel possible. A large proportion of domestic energy costs are created by heating your house, be it by electricity, gas or firewood. […]

Switching to Solid Fuel: What Do You Need to Consider?

Heating your home with solid fuel lets you take control of your heating and energy bills – and also brings a whole heap of character to your property. But choosing solid fuel isn’t something you can just decide to do without any consideration; it’s a big decision that requires a lot of thought. In this […]

Using Solid Fuel at Home

Solid fuel appliances are seeing a resurgence in the UK – from wood burners and open fires to multi-fuel stoves and more – homeowners across the country are discovering their love for solid fuel. In a modern household, there are a few roles solid fuel can play; from firewood and coal to the growing range […]

Solid Fuel FAQs

Owning a solid fuel burning appliance is exciting and satisfying, but it can also get a little bit complicated from time to time. Whether you’re getting bogged down in the different types of fuel available for your appliance, or you need some clarification to help you choose the best fuel for your home then you’ve […]

Solid Fuels Comparison

The choice between solid fuels is vast for anyone with a multi fuel stove, open fire or any solid fuel burning appliance. It’s not always clear what fuels should be used for which appliances, or the benefits of certain fuels over others. That’s why we’ve put together this article which takes a look at some […]