The advantages of smokeless fuel for homeowners in London

Smokeless fuels are becoming increasingly popular due to the rise in environmental awareness and the enforcement of strategies, such as the Clean Air Strategy, to combat climate change. Once upon a time, London was nicknamed ‘The Big Smoke’ because of the dense fogs that descended over the city, including the recent Great Smog of London […]

The Advantages of Smokeless Fuels

If you own an appliance that burns solid fuels, you’re not short for choice when it comes to the types of fuel available. As society takes a stronger focus on environmentally friendliness and air pollution, many people are searching for cleaner ways to enjoy their solid fuel fireplaces without sacrificing their unique and characteristic charm. […]

Using Solid Fuel at Home

Solid fuel appliances are seeing a resurgence in the UK – from wood burners and open fires to multi-fuel stoves and more – homeowners across the country are discovering their love for solid fuel. In a modern household, there are a few roles solid fuel can play; from firewood and coal to the growing range […]

How Do Smoke Control Areas Impact Me?

Solid fuel stoves and fireplaces are gradually becoming more and more popular here in the UK. Many homeowners enjoy the traditional atmosphere that an open fire provides, but some may not be aware that there are rules regarding the burning of fuels in certain areas. To make sure you’re using your solid fuel fireplace efficiently, we’re […]