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Coal Merchants in Bedford

At KG Smith & Son (Coal Merchants UK), we provide the best solid fuels for domestic use throughout the entire Bedford area. Our expert team of leading coal merchant professionals understand the importance of delivering quality and safety; that’s why at KG Smith & Son, we supply a range of only the best fuels for your fireplace. From smokeless coal to ultimate wildfire ‘super coal’, our diverse range is perfect for domestic use. We accommodate for small, large, long or short fires by offering fuel in sizes ranging from 1 bag to 1 ton. Our traditional house coal remains hugely popular due to its ease of use, low ash content and beautiful, scorching bright flame.

Smokeless Coal in Bedford

Our more advanced ‘smokeless’ coal is becoming increasingly popular. Smokeless coal boasts an absence of volatile materials and extraordinarily high carbon content, leading to a complete lack of smoke when ignited. This innovation is perfect for fireplaces in compact rooms or for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Smokeless coal offers more than just a reduction of smoke too; it also provides fantastic heat output and extended burn times. At KG Smith & Son, also known as Coal Merchants UK, we deliver smokeless fuel all throughout the Bedford area and are fired up by the satisfaction and value for money we bring to our customers.

Smokeless coal is just one of our broad ranges of coals and solid fuels. For more information, or to find out which coal is best suited for your needs, get in touch with our friendly team

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