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Welcome to KG Smith & Son, Northampton's premier coal merchant - The number one choice for domestic coal delivery, domestic heating fuels, firewood logs, and smokeless fuels. KG Smith & Son are your solid fuel supplier. KG Smith & Son covers Northampton, Cambridge and London.

Real fires have always been popular, but more and more people are deciding to have an open fire, either by opening up an existing fire or buying new generation room heaters. This may be partly due to the continuing energy price rises, but it is almost certainly due to the fact that we all love an open fire. An open fire gives a home a heart, provides a warm glow, a comfortable atmosphere and excellent heating.

Traditional house coal is still being used and we have this type of fuel available, but many people (especially those in smoke controlled areas) are deciding to use the new smokeless coals which are kinder to the environment, longer lasting by burning more slowly and produce better and more consistent heat output and all without breaking the bank.

KG Smith & Son stocks a comprehensive range of loose or pre-packed household coals, anthracite, smokeless fuels, wood briquettes and firewood. We can provide you with advice on the best fuel for your open fire. We stock many brands including ranges from Homefire to Ecofire. We are specialists in our field, with many years experience, providing you with extensive product knowledge, exemplary customer service, quick and convenient delivery and a price that's right.

Featured Items

Homefire™ Wildfire
leading smokeless fuels available for use with open fires 1st super coals to hit the open market for open fires.
Eco Friendly, smokless fuel and is produced with upto 30% renewables.

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